Monday, July 9, 2007

Day 39 and 40 July 8, 9

We went to church for the 2nd time since we been gone, 1st time in Seward at a tiny Methodist church, this time a tiny Evangelical Community Church in Nome. It was refreshing!

Then off to Wales...we did it ! We were met with the welcoming committee on 4 wheelers!
We were blessed to be there on a clear day and saw Russia!

Then we took off south of Wales and headed for Serpintine Hot Springs in the middle of nowhere! Everything out here is in the middle of nowhere. They have a hot tub and a bunkhouse. The bunkhouse was built in the forties! and the hot tub in the seventies.
These rock formations were all over the place, they looked sorta like vocanic rock, though not sure. We stayed the night and got really rested, the peaceful sound of the small river that ran through the camp and the quietness of it all! It stayed light the whole night here!
I wonder if I will ever sleep again in Lawrenceville! Darkness and noise!

We are headed to our new found friend ,Paulette's, gold mine as soon as we fuel here in Nome, if we find it we are going to spend the night .
So next internet access I will send lots of pictures!

Love ya

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