Monday, July 2, 2007

Day 31 ,32 June 30, July 1

You saw the pictures of our whale watching trip yesterday that was really exciting...but today we met Jackie Wilde the hotel manager. She told us how everybody goes down to the culvert to catch Salmon. It seems the salmon are trying to get through the culvert to the fresh water I think to lay eggs. They go out to sea to get fattened up, so they aren't hungry. You can't bait and catch them, you just throw the hook and snag them! Anyway after many hooks I think I finally got the hang of what I was doing!

Veronica and Jed Wilde the children of Jackie and Scott Wild, sell hooks on the shore. They have a business and that's how they make money in the summer. Their grandfather in Idaho buys the hooks by the thousands and they each get 500 to sell. I think I bought enough to send Veronica to college! At low tide I found some of the ones I had lost....yeah! More fishing tomorrow!

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Jackie said...

Mell & Mary
What a great thing it was meeting you. I believe working at the Hotel lets me meet the people that will make an impact on my life and you have done that on not only mine but my family's also THANK YOU. Take care and be safe. Jackie Wilde