Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 36 July 5th

Well I tryed again for Salmon and snagged one but I didn't snag him good enough and he got away! Then I thought my fishing license was up today at 5:30 and lost my last hook and called it quits!But my license is up tomorrow at 5:30. I was hungry, and so was as we were leaving a young man who came up about 15 minutes before I left caught a fish! But I am not giving up...(Jed and Veronica) I will not give up!
You will see my fish on this blog!

The cool part about fishing at the "Hole" was the eagles...they were everywhere!
Once an eagle was flying over and trying to catch a seagull. We saw him stretch his
legs out and grab at the seagull missing and continuing to chase it!

love ya,

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