Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 54, 55 July 24, 25

The Husky is almost sold...they just finished the buyers inspection today and the sell will take place tomorrow!
We will be off to Anchorage and on a flight back at 8pm arriving in Atlanta at 7:30am Sunday Morning.....sounds really red eyed!
But maybe it will get us back in sink with the time zone there as we are 4 hours behind Atlanta.

Yesterday we went hiking at Hatcher Pass will see the pictures next!
Last night we took our last M&M Flight in the Husky. We went to see our new friend Mike and where he lives in the Big Lake area. He actually lives on Lake Marion. Really nice place!

Mell met my new friend Lisa who I met twice at the Friday Market in Palmer. I was actually in Palmer two different times on a Friday, went to the Market and I remembered Lisa and she even remembered me.
I wanted to buy some Baleen and Lisa had some ( Baleen is the filter in a whales mouth, its kinda like his teeth....but its made of tiny hairs all compacted together) Sounds Gross but its
really neat looking. So we hooked up with her at her house and bought some!

Mell checked the milage on the plane yesterday. We have been 9,700 something miles since we left home, and have almost 100 hours in the plane! Wow!

Be home soon!
Love M&M

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