Monday, June 15, 2009

Church in McCarthy

To end our trip in McCarthy we went to church with John...They meet in one of the elders houses up on the hill overlooking the McCarthy river...It was a wonderful fellowship!
We so needed the time with our fellow believers! Several of the leaders are pilots in the area...
So of course Mell fit right in!
The kids were great...showing us how small town kids entertain themselves...from juggling to climbing the wood structure on the side of the railing!
After church they have a complete meal every Sunday...which we much enjoyed!
All the taxidermy in the house I think the kids either trapped or killed themselves...

After church John took us by to see the new House they are building...(the blue House) the great dane belongs to one of the workers on the house... the house sits next to a beautiful little clear river...where they sort of dug out a swimming hole!

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