Monday, June 22, 2009

Denali National Park

The weather turned out beautiful so we left Fairbanks and headed for Denali! We flew in to the Airstrip and hiked over to the campground with our stuff...maybe 3/4 of a mile to the tent site.
We could hear Savage River as it was swiftly flowing right behind our tent! It is the picture with the tree covering the river.

We went for a short hike that evening...cooked and hit the sack!
The next day we hiked up to Heally overlook and beyond! Most of these photos are of that hike.

The next picture is a still frozen creek and if you look closely you will see Mell in the trees!
Next stop our lunch spot...this is where Mell was talking on the phone to his brother Dan, interrupting our romantic Lunch! Thanks Dan!

After lunch I turned the corner of a switchback and coming around the corner was this little boy no more than 6 years old...with no shoes on! His dad said they were hurting his feet so he came up barefoot! The next picture is him and his dad! Native Alaskan!

The eighth one is where I was talking to Judy...and a artic ground squirrel came up to my foot and the camera batteries were out...later we ran into a guy who had extra batteries!

Mell was already sick of camp food and we met a guy who told us about the Salmon Bake restaurant and that they did a shuttle from the park we had dinner at this unique place.
If you look carefully you will see that all the steps and floor are extremly slanted!
We left camp early that morning an took this airial view of part of our hike.

Next is Mt McKinley! Then Wonder Lake!

We also landed at Stampede and got attacked by the Alaskan State Bird(mosquito) so no pictures there!

Then we landed at another privately owned airstrip in Denali...Kantishna...we met another Christina and she took us up for a tour of their rental cabins! Cool place!

The rest of the pictures are through the Anderson Pass which was a short cut back to Palmer!
The mountains are very high so you cut through the passes...that is why you have to watch the weather all the time can change at anytime...they also have weather cams you can watch the weather in the passes! This one took my breath away! Really!

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