Monday, June 15, 2009


We landed in McCarthy and were looking for the phone to close the flight plan when we happened upon "Randy"He let us use his phone to close the flight plan. We asked if he was going into town and he offered us a ride...we took it...and then said his friend"John" had a B&B and it would be a great place to stay...he was going right by there. On the way we came across this Moose. Later Randy invited us to see his gold mine.
After meeting John we realized we had met him two years ago at the church in McCarthy!
We rested up in the little cabin...rode bikes the next day to Kennecott mine and back..6 miles uphill and then flew the 6 miles back!
We met Milton who was taking care of Carmen(John's wife's dog)who is away at school..
This is Milton and Cuma on the 4 wheeler...Almost everyone in McCarthy gets around this way!
The picture of the runway light is John's unique way of using what he has on hand!
Two Rabbits outside our cabin...the ruins of the Kennecott mine and the Glaciers there.
On the bike ride up the wagon trail we came across this old cemetary...everyone seemed to die around the same year?
John's airstrip is a road too! See the airplane sign?
The potatoe heads were in a restaurant called the Potatoe!

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