Monday, June 29, 2009

More of the Tour

The first picture is the School ...this is where we slept and ate the first two or three days.
Then Fort Egbert...the first fort in Alaska. The next one is the airstrip where we landed.

While we were taking the tour...we picked the sweetest little strawberries!

Chalia lent us her fishing truck to do the tour and then she said for us just to keep it while we were in town! So everywhere we went Mell me and Christina were getting strange looks as we drove around in Chalia's truck ...the whole town of Eagle may be 150 people not exactly sure? Everyone knew it was her truck!
Later some locals came into the school and were using the computer to look at pictures I asked if I could see of the ladies asked me did I live up river? I told her I was just there to help out. All of the sudden she was sooooooooo nice to me ....thanking me for coming and helping and just kept thanking me! Then she asked me why I was eating with the FEMA(Federal Emergency management Agency)People? Come to find out She thought Christina and our friend Hiram were FEMA People! Probably Mell and me too! We were all there just helping rebuild...just volunteers! They couldn't figure out why FEMA was driving around in Chalia's truck!
Things are not going well with FEMA I take it?

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