Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The First Salmon

Christina Caught a Grayling and I caught that first Salmon..now I've got it."Salmon Fever" ...we were planning on eating good that night...
It was late when we started fishing and we didn't get back to the cabin until 9pm or so...with all this daylite...the days seem to be like two regular days...you lose track of time very easily!

We were greeted by our neighbors...who insisted we come for dinner...they were having Razor Clams that they had dug up from the beach!

Look under the table where Mell is sitting...that's Hollar a German hunting dog! If you look in the pictures on the wall you will see Hollar nose to nose with a bear...it seems this happens often and she is still chasing bears and and other animals that come her way!

The next picture is Johnny and Dolly Graybill...She and Ellen cooked that night and both are wonderful cooks! They made us feel as if we had known them forever!

Johnny is a Super Cub guy...flys into all kind of interesting places...and has all kind of stories to tell. We sat around late that night telling and listening to stories...a night to remember...meeting and making new friends!

The last picture is our whole group...John and Ellen Bath...from Kansas.. Ellen and John let us use their sauna one night a much needed shower...bath...whatever you call it...you mix the hot and cold water and dump it over your head! Ah....it felt good!....

Erbin from Minnesota...Erbin took us trout fishing in the lake one night and it was the first time we had seen the sun sorta set here in Alaska...

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