Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Landing, Lunch and Lost in Tundra!

We landed here for lunch and to fish...but couldn't get past the Alders...so we ate rested on the
tussucks (the big humps)and went to fish further up river.
I said these tussucks make good seats....Christina said they make good pillows...so I decided to join her!
This was our lunch spot..A Classic Shot!. ...the two bush pilots and no longer "One Fish Mary" that was my nickname last year! I wish I could tell Kerry! But I'm sure he is smiling down!

So off we go up river and landed on a sandy strip out in the tundra...we hiked over about 3/4 of a mile to the Moraine river...and hiking in this tundra is hard like walking in soft sand...we are pros at this "catching of fish" now...and we are pulling them in ....we caught 4 more in less than 1 hour...and off we go...
and off we go....and off we go...?? we walk...? and we walk? until we reach this little creek which we didn't cross on the way to the river.
but what the heck we cross it because there was a hill...maybe we can see where the heck we are?
After looking around for a while ...I spotted the left wing of our plane...I just happened to have a compass in my fishing stuff...and we took a reading and headed that way...we figured we had another mile or so to get back to the planes....what a day!

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