Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bus To Milan

After our trip to the Villas...we met
Grazia's friend Silvia and had dinner at a local restaurant ....I had many childhood memories that night as she
had me to try Trippi...which I figured out later was tripe!

We left the restaurant...went to the train station....trying to figure out which train we had to take to we could get our tickets ahead of time to avoid any lines...
Of course the ticket office was closed...but Grazia and Sylvia found some guy who works in the station...and with lots of looking and talking ...the man finally said "Taka the busa"!

The next morning Grazia picked us up at 7am and off to the bus station we go...we got our tickets and only had to transfer once in Prato...then we had to find a bus to the airport...where we were to meet Matt and Beth...around hunger time...4pm as we had no lunch!

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