Saturday, October 24, 2009


We hopped on the next train out of Monterossa...headed back for Lucca...
We took the fast train there and couldn't figure out why it cost more to
get there than it did to get home.
Well...we found out quick! This train stopped at every little town along the way!

Mell was watching the time it said we would arrive in Viareggio, as we had to change trains there
to go to Lucca...he thought it should be the next when the train stopped he was looking for a sign as to where we were(there was nothing that told you which stop you were at)He couldn't find one so he jumped out to look...I was standing at the door...and told him to get back in as the door was beeping to close...needless to say he did I jumped out with him in the middle of nowhere! Camaiore...Grazia said she didn't even know the train stopped there!
We luckily found someone who spoke English and she told us the next train was 1 hour away!
So we are 5 minutes away from where we are supposed to be and we have to wait 1 hour!
The time passed slowly as we enjoyed the mountain scenery ...and walked a while as it was getting cold! We hopped back on the train and rejoiced when we saw it coming!
We arrived in Viareggio in 5 kidding! Mell was just one stop off!
But I must say he got us all around Rome...with his great mapping skills!

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