Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hills of Lucca

Grazia along with her Mother and Sister, Lucy,
and Mell and I went for a walk in the hills overlooking Lucca...we were looking for Chestnuts, we did find a few! But Grazia's mother couldn't remember which trail to take...and we ended up seeing much more than, I think, than we intended to see...of course we enjoyed the long brisk walk through the woods and the small streets...and seeing the town of Lucca from above! We came across another church and cemetary...they are really different than ours!
The only problem we had was keeping up with Grazia's 79 year old mother!

This plant growing out of the wall is
We ended our day eating
chestnuts at
Grazia's mother's house...she kept peeling them and giving them to Mell...Italian women love to feed the men! I remember this even from my mother!

The house where I am standing is where Grazia's
mom lives...

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