Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last Flight

It started as any ordinary day...Good morning "Sweet Heart"...Good morning " Beautiful"
..not always but some mornings he would get right in my face...eye to eye and tell me "I love you" in a way that always pierced my happened that way that monday morning..a few of our little private good byes and off to the gym in separate cars...sometimes if I would leave first I would leave sweet notes on the window of his truck...if he left first he would leave them for me...
On the day of his last flight...he left me with a private note that had me laughing out loud! He had called me to see if I had gotten to my car yet..he had a way of making me laugh even when I was"grumpy" as he called it...we laughed out loud together and I looked forward to seeing at the end of the day...I talked to him once around 3pm just to see what was up and let him know Sandy and I were going shopping for Jay...
I remember asking Sandy if she wanted to go by the airport to see what the guys were up to...
but she had to meet Jay with the suit we had bought him for a dinner that evening... so he should be at our house...Shortly after we arrived at the house Josh called and hung up twice by the time I answered..I remember saying to Sandy...
"Josh, why does he keep calling and hanging up?" The third time he called I could here his voice ...he told me to sit and I did...He quickly told me they had been in a crash and He couldn't get dad out..."I'm sorry Mary""I'm sorry Mary" he kept repeating...He had just lost his own father and yet was concerned about me...looking back my heart is touched many ways by this young man"My Son Forever"
I quickly handed the phone to Jay and He and Sandy took over...God had surely been watching over me to make sure I was taken care of ...amazing... miracle!

On the way to the hospital I looked up in the see a helicopter hovering over the crash body trembling.

The news finally came that my sweet friend, lover, and husband had taken his "Last Flight"
Mell's "Last Flight" was with Jesus...can you aviators imagine flying your last flight with Him?
I know He was flying with Mell to save the life of the others in the plane. I know that was what Mell was saying to Jesus as he lost the second engine..."Lord, help me to save Josh, KJ and Doug...I don't know where they stand with You..but I know I will be with You! I know he said
"Mary is strong in You and will miss me, but she will make it as hard as it will be for her."
I know he was willing to sacrifice his life to save others...
John 15:12,13 gives me some comfort...
"Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"

My sweet Mell gave his life for three men one being his son Josh...Our Father God gave his only
son as a sacrifice for all of us.
I hope through Mell's death those of us who loved him or even just had met him on occasion
will see their need for a savior...
We all hope that we will go to heaven when we die...we think we are just "good enough" to get there..."Good" means to be morally excellent. Are any of us really "Good" people?
We all fall short. Is God first in your Life? Do you even believe there is a God?

When I first saw Josh after he was released from the hospital he said to all of us in the room,
"Now I know there is a God" what made him say that?
I think Josh saw that Jesus gave him courage and strength to open the door of the airplane and
allow all of them to escape with minor burns and cuts. Truly a picture of a "Miracle" and he knew in his heart he couldn't have done it by himself.

Who knows if today you will be "One heartbeat Away" from eternity. You may not believe there is a heaven. You may wonder what's next after we die? If you believe in Heaven you may wonder if your good enough to get there. What do we do now? What would Mell say to all of us left behind? I think he would say: "Find out what's in eternity" "Find out what I am experiencing right now""Find out that there is a God""You can know that there is"

We had two friends in Alaska that died the same way that Mell did..Kerry and Paulette Blake...
It devastated me because we had not shared our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ with them. I prayed a simple prayer"Lord help us not to let this happen again"

Mell and my son Robert went to a Falcon's game and at the Marta station someone gave them both a Mell was given"One Heartbeat Away" and to Robert was given"One thing you can't do in heaven" These two books changed both of our lives.

If you have a personal and real relationship with the Lord Jesus need to know your purpose on this earth...To make Him well known and to make Him look good.
"One thing you can't do in Heaven" is the book that can help you do this...

If you don't know that there is a don't believe in heaven...or there is anything to eternity..."One heartbeat Away" Mell's favorite book is the book Mell would give you if he were here.

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Hopefully Mell's death will save more than three!

I always signed out:

Now I am just "M" but this "M" wants you to know how you can find "Peace" forever with God"
That is what my other "M" would want me to do...Pray for me the strength of God to see it through to the end of my life here on this earth!



Anne Smith said...

You will be in our thoughts and prayers forever. Mell was a wonderful, happy (especially after he met you) man - and you two were fortunate, even for such a short time, to have found the joy and peace that true love brings. I pray that you keep that joy and peace, as you feel the warmth of the memories you shared and the knowledge that Mell and God are looking over you always.

Jennifer Lucas said...


This is Jennifer Lucas - Group Fitness Department Head at Life Time Fitness. I am so sorry for your loss. Kari (the instructor) told me about your blog and I must say, reading this touched me deeply. Know that there are MANY here praying for you and keeping you in our hearts. Please come by my office next time you are in. I have something to give you.


Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm so sorry for your loss! I never got the chance to meet Mell, but I heard he was a wonderful guy, and my heart was warmed by all the stories I heard about how much you guys loved each other. I have really missed you since our Small Group ended. I'd love to visit with again. I'm retired now, so I can meet just about any time that's convenience for you. Let me know. Gayle Partain