Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 July 12,13,14,15,16,17

Sooooooo Much has happened since we have been in the bush! We arrived in Sheep Mountain and spent three days with Wendy and Woody. We have made some very good friends here.
While with Wendy and Woody we basically hung out did some hiking and looked at some property they have. They have a real log cabin Woody built himself except its not finished. He wants to sell it sometime in the next two or so years.

We left Wendy and Woody feeling like we left our family! and headed off to McCarthy.
On the way we refueled in Gulkana and met another couple who are doing the same thing we are, Chuck and Dawn from St. Louis, they were going to McCarthy too so we hung out with them some and then we met Christina and Rich from New Jersey, and their friend Mike from Alaska. Christina came here last year and made of lot of new friends, she seems to know everyone!

McCarthy is a old copper mining town. We stayed in town the first night in the old hotel.
Then Guess what happened? We had a flat tail wheel tire! Mell said we could be stuck for days!
But God provided us with a tail wheel! Imagine that!

Christina told us about a small public use cabin called Peavine Bar. You land right there
on the river and can stay as long as you like! We have stayed there three nights! The most beautiful place you could imagine!

We flew to Cordova for the day...a beautiful little fishing town on the Prince William Sound. We hung out and had dinner and returned to our little cabin in Peavine Bar.

Next you would not believe this either! Christina told us about a place that has 5 acre lots for sell so we flew in and landed. The welcome committee greeted us. Patty and Eric live right on the air strip. As it turned out Eric is looking for a Husky to buy. Imagine that!
Anyway if Mell can work out the deal we may have the Husky sold!

Next you could not believe this either! They offered their guest house for us to stay in and that is where we are at! Imagine that! Its really rustic. We took a bath in their "sauna house" You just have a pot of hot water and a pot of cold water. Mix the two and pour it on you! It felt wonderful!
love ya

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