Monday, June 29, 2009

Eagle's Hiring!

Since they canned me at GCPS I think I'll get a job at Eagle ....Great benefits...and there are only about 8 to 10 kids...? I can deal with that!

The next few pictures are Telegraph Hill ...the place where Bo lives and runs the gas station...this is his dump truck and many other treasures !

Later that night a Japanese Kayaker came through to clear US customs...this is Hiram with him, they ended up at Chalia's house where we were eating Moose burgers!They were looking for the custom guy "Chuck" Chalia told them where they could find Chuck if he wasn't home! If you want to find someone in this town ...just ask around and you can find them!

Later that night we all went to the airstrip and found the Kayaker with his tent set up, trying to eat his dinner..."Many Bugs" He said... and much to our surprise.. Hiram started speaking to him in Japanese! Then we find out his wife is was just this guy comes from Japan to a small town like Eagle and someone speaks Japanese?

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