Monday, June 29, 2009

David the Generous!

Gordon and David pushing the freezer! David gave me the beaver fur and gave each of us a Caribou skin!

Chalia's friend Bo and Mell having a good conversation over the Caribou! Bo owns the Telegraph Hill which you will see later.

Next is at the school where we ate most of our meals...they cooked for all the volunteers and the homeless. We slept there some and showered there too!

The next day was Sunday and Winni Christina Mell and I went to one of the churches in town...this is their praise and worship band...there was also a trumpet player!

Next is Chalia and her temporary home set up...we cleaned all the treasures we got from David's place! He was so generous to all that had lost much more than he...he put stuff out for whoever wanted it to take!

Maybe the next home of M&M?

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