Monday, June 29, 2009

Finished Projects

Well we just thought we were finished with the first see in the 2nd pic we have started to remove the paneling and the insulation from the little cabin on the street!
A young lady Danielle helped us this day!

After a hard days work Chalia brought out the Caribou burgers and we grilled them and got plenty full ...really good stuff! Chalia killed the Caribou herself...she hunts Moose too but not bear or bears are teddy bears and rabbits are bunny rabbits! She won't eat them!
Chalia is quite the fisher woman too! She also gave us some of her canned salmon!

Next is Leroy who Mell is helping he is Winni's husband!

The last pic is the 4 musketeers again after finishing moving the wood pile back so David and his cousin Gordon could put in a support beam!

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