Monday, June 29, 2009

The Four Musketeers

This first picture is a pile of rocks right? Well as you are walking around the rubble you see these piles all over the place. Turns out the rocks must have been on top of the ice or underneath when it melted it left these grave like piles.

Next is Christina trying desperately to get water out of the old pump in this house we were working inside of. The refrigerator had turned upside down and landed on top of the old pump!

Next are the four musketeers or studges as we called ourselves...Winnie Christina Me and Chalia!
We are taking a break in the new chairs Chalia just accepted as a gift from David the man we were helping!

Next all the man power we had...we tied ropes to these heavy freezers and pulled them to the street!

I went to check on Mell here he is working with Leroy on Chalia's house!

Next the four musketeers again after finishing one of our many projects!

The next 2 pictures are David's wood was moved quite a way and the wood stayed in the back of the shed! Unbelievable

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